Fiqh Misc

  1. Gathering Together for Reciting the Qur_aan
  2. Cure from Magic and Evil Eye
  3. Designating a Place For Performing Sacrifices
  4. Did the Angels Harut and Marut teach Magic
  5. Giving Salaam when entering and leaving
  6. Male Cutting his Hair Short or Leaving it to Grow
  7. Permissible Lying
  8. Ruling on Buying in Instalments
  9. Ruling on Excavating the Graves of Muslims or Disbelievers
  10. Ruling on Islaamic Videos
  11. Ruling on Masturbation
  12. Ruling on Military Coups
  13. Ruling on Nasheeds (Hymns and Songs)
  14. Ruling on Television Today
  15. Selling Publications with Immoral Pictures and Falsehoods
  16. Etiquettes of Shaking Hands
  17. Adding to the Salaam
  18. Cutting excess beard is from all directions not just the bottom
  19. Doubt – Scholars don_t know current events
  20. Incorrect understanding of day of ‘Eed and extremes of people
  21. Is it allowed to talk about worldly things in the mosque
  22. On letting beard grow in excess of fistful
  23. Trimming what is in excess of a fistful from beard
  24. Man never paid Zakaat then repents and wants to pay it